Quality Accommodation Solutions in Milan

Studio (efficiency) apartments are popular in Milan, especially in the city center, where space is limited. Studio apartments are ideal for one or two people. They consist of a single living space with kitchen area (including accommodations with kitchens that are separate but limited in size as to not permit a living area.) Generally there is a sofa which opens to a sofabed, since there is no separate bedroom. If the sleeping area is semi-separate, a regular bed may be included.

In Milan, one-bedroom condos are by far the most common type of housing solution. They are suitable for singles who require the privacy of a separate bedroom, for couples, and even for small families of 3/4 persons (if staying for short period) as the independent living room area often has a sofabed that can sleep two. The kitchen area may be situated in one part of the living area, or it may be semi-separate or completely independent.

Two-bedroom condos have an additional bedroom, and sometimes also an additional bathroom. This type of accommodation is usually between 80 and 120 sq. meters in size, and is ideal for families with children, or where a second room is needed for privacy. The second bedroom can also be ideal for singles/couples who require the extra space for use as an office or study.

Three-bedroom (and larger) condos are not so common in Milan. They tend to be quite expensive to maintain, due to their larger size. These accommodations are often in villa-type settings, or situated on multiple floors. Some owners of these larger properties also rent out their rooms on an individual basis, making these an ideal solution for students as well.

We also provide single rooms in apartments with families. These arrangements are ideal for students who prefer the more quiet atmosphere of a family setting rather than traditional student lodgings, and for those looking to keep their rental expenses at a minimum. With this type of accommodation, the kitchen, bathroom and (usually) the living room areas are shared with the owner(s). Occasionally, a single room may be equipped with its own private bath.

For those looking for very short-term housing in Milan (maximum one week or so), we also offer specific rental options geared to temporary guests. These accommodations are always fully-furnished and equipped, cleaning service is provided, and rates will vary depending on the time of year, in occasion of holidays, special tradefair events, etc. Some of these rentals are perfect for business groups or families coming to Milan for special events, as they can accomodate up to nine or ten people!

Although most of the accommodations we offer are situated in Milan's historic city center, we also have some unique housing options in other areas of Italy. Contact us for more information about rentals in other areas of Italy, as we might have something available in just the area you want!